Rules and Regulations


On behalf of B.H.E. we would like to thank all of you for making our League one of the strongest in all of Canada.  


Teams are allowed a maximum of 25 players on their roster.  Players are permitted to play on ONE team only in BHE.  If a player is deleted from the roster he may not be added back on to the roster, but may be picked up by another team.  Please email the office all roster changes.

Teams are responsible to make sure all players are checked off and listed on the game roster.  Please ensure proper numbers and names are correct on the gamesheet.

Teams are permitted 12 emergency goalie call ups during the regular season only.  Goalies may be picked up from your division or lower.  Division 12 may pick up goalies from Division 11 or 12.

Roster freeze is June 23, 2019.


Any team caught playing with a player under a different name or playing on another team, other than an emergency goalie pickup, will be an automatic forfeit.  The offending player will receive a 5 game suspension for first offence and season suspension for second offence.  A second offence by the team regardless of the player, will receive a 1 game suspension and a $250.00 fine.  This fine will be paid to the team who's game was cancelled.


Players must play a minimum of 6 regular season games to qualify for playoffs.  Should a player be deleted and picked up by another team, games played with both teams will count towards his 6 games.

There are no Emergency goalie pick ups for playoffs, only rostered players are eligible.  Goaltenders must have played a minimum of 2 regular season games to qualify.

Games played on website will be used for eligibility and no exceptions will be made.  Please ensure Rosters are correct after each game.


We have increased the floor time, each game has been allotted 1 hour 15 minutes. 

2 - 20 minute stop time periods.  1 timeout per period allowed.


We have updated our overtime format as follows:

5 minute - 4 minute run time, last minute stop.  3 on 3.  Power plays in overtime will add a player, so it would be 4 on 3, once the penalty as been served, it will revert back to 3 on 3 after the first whistle.

Should the score remained tied, we will then have a 3 man shootout, if still tied after 3 shot attempts it will be a sudden death shootout.  All players must shoot before any player taking a second attempt.

Winning team will receive 2 points with the losing team receiving one point in the standings.


For division 1 and 2 where there are 4 teams, they will play a 1-4 2-3 semi final and then winners will play in the finals.  

For divisions with 6 teams, top 4 teams qualify for playoffs, they will play a 1-4 2-3 semi final and then winners will play in the finals. 

For divisions with 8 - 10 teams, top 6 teams qualify for playoffs.  1 and 2 seeds will receive a bye to the semi-finals.  3-6 4-5 will play in the quarter finals, then semi finals and then Finals.

All playoff series will be a Best of 3. 


Suspensions will be emailed to the team reps and listed on website.  All games and fines must be served and paid prior to returning to the floor.  All appeals will be heard by the disciplinary committee.  


WRBHA Provincials are set for July 27-29 in Edmonton.  The first place team in their respective divisions will receive the first opportunity to attend.  More information to follow.


All equipment must be CSA approved, J clips from helmets must be removed if no visor is being used.  Lacrosse gloves are allowed as long as the wrists are covered. 

Laces must be done up.


All teams must wear the same base colour jerseys.  All teams must either have shorts or sweats and same base colour.  MAY 1 Jersey and sweat/shorts will be enforced. Pinnies are available at the supervisor desk if needed.  If there is a Jersey conflict with the two teams, during the regular season the home team will change into pinnies, during the playoffs the visitors will change into pinnies.


As per Edmonton Soccer Centre rules, drugs &/or alcohol are not perrmitted in and around the Soccer Centre facilities. If caught a team/players face fines and possible banning from Soccer Centre facilities. 

All dressing rooms are checked after each and every game, if you go into your dressing room and there are empty bottles or the dressing room is a mess promptly go to the Control Booth and get one of the staff to come see. Do not use the dressing room garbage to empty out your sports bag from your hockey games as they will still fine the team.


Soccer Centre Rules & here


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