Jun. 29, 2019

24 games are in the books.  51 of the league's 66 teams are moving on to the best-of-three playoff series.  Read on to find out who is predicted to take each of the 10 division titles.

Division 1 - SAVAGES

#2 Top Whale vs #3 Nighthawks

Season Series:

Nighthawks 4-3

Top Whale 5-1

Top Whale 4-3

Top Whale 6-3

Top Whale 1-0 (forfeit)

Nighthawks 6-3

Nighthawk wins have book-ended 4-straight wins by the Top Whale, although one of the four wins was via forfeit.  While Top Whale finished with seven more wins on the season...these two teams may be closer than one might think.  I do believe the Whale will still get it done...but feel it'll go the distance.

Prediction: Top Whale wins series 2-1

FINALS: Savages vs Top Whale

Prediction:  Savages win series 2-0


Division 2 - BAR SOUTH

#3 Team Pending vs #6 Redline

Season Series:

Team Pending 5-2

Redline 5-4 (ot)

Redline 4-3

Team Pending 4-3

It's been a tight series all year between these two teams, with the last three games all been decided by a single goal.  Redline has found themselves on a brutal slide, winning just once in the last 10 games.  Their lone win came against Pending.  This one could go either way.

Prediction: Redline wins series 2-1

#4 Cobras vs #5 Xtreme

Season Series:

Xtreme 3-2

Cobras 1-0 (forfeit)

There hasn't been a lot interaction between these two teams this year.  The Xtreme spent a large chunk of their season in division 1, and then forfeited their only game against the Cobras since moving down to division 2.  The Cobras have long been a good playoff team.

Prediction: Cobras win series 2-0

SEMI-FINALS: Walrus vs Redline

SEMI-FINALS: Bar South vs Cobras

Prediction: Walrus win series 2-0

Prediction: Bar South win series 2-0

FINALS: Walrus vs Bar South

Prediction: Bar South win series 2-1

Division 4 - KILLER BEES

#1 Killer Bees vs #4 Smashville

Season Series:

Killer Bees 3-2

Killer Bees 5-2

Division 4 has been pretty much all Killer Bees from start to finish.  I don't expect it to change in this series.

Prediction: Killer Bees win series 2-0

#2 Reapers vs #3 Haggard

Season Series:

Haggard 5-2

Haggard 6-3

Reapers 8-6

There is not a lot to choose between these two teams.  Haggard earned one less win than the Reapers over the course of the season, instead picking up an ot loss.  Goals against are even (76), while Haggard has a two goal edge in goals for.  

Prediction: Haggard wins series 2-1

FINALS: Killer Bees vs Haggard

Prediction: Killer Bees win series 2-0

Division 5 - BLOBFISH

#1 Rangers vs #4 Blobfish

Season Series:

Blobfish 7-6 (ot)

Probably not the team the Rangers would've chosen to face...if given the choice.  The Blobfish spent the season bobbing back and forth between division 4/5 and 6.  They carry a small but potent lineup.  The Rangers, who at one point were ranked #1 in the division 4/5 Power Rankings, dealt with a string of injuries that sent them on a slide out of the divisions top 4.  Now they've got to try and figure out a way to right the ship in time to fend off the divisions top scoring team.

Prediction: Blobfish win series 2-1

#2 Dirty Birds vs #3 Sharks

Season Series:

Dirty Birds 5-1

Dirty Birds 7-1

If the season series is any indication...these birds are about to feast on these fish.  I for one agree.

Prediction: Dirty Birds win series 2-0

FINALS: Dirty Birds vs Blobfish

Prediction: Blobfish win series 2-1

Division 6 - THE FARM TEAM

#3 Nightmares vs #6 Rockets

Season Series:

Nightmares 5-2

Nightmares 6-5

Rockets 3-2

Rockets 5-4 (so)

After losing the first two head-to-head meetings, the Rockets closed out the season winning two-straight.  But despite the two recent wins, I have a hard time seeing them winning this series.

Prediction: Nightmares win series 2-1

#4 Human Centipedes vs #5 7C's

Season Series:

Human Centipedes 9-4

7C's 6-4

Human Centipedes 7-1

7C's 1-0 (forfeit)

I think the playoff series will closely follow the script of the season series...lots of goals...and slightly leaning in the favor of the Human Centipedes.

Prediction: Human Centipedes win series 2-1

SEMI-FINAL: Farm Team vs Human Centipedes

SEMI-FINAL: Soldiers vs Nightmares

Prediction: Farm Team win series 2-0

Prediction: Soldiers win series 2-0

FINALS: Farm Team vs Soldiers

Prediction: Farm Team win series 2-1

Division 7 - SNIPERS

#3 Team Ferda vs #6 The Larry's

Season Series:

The Larry's 4-3 (ot)

Team Ferda 5-4

Team Ferda 6-3

Team Ferda finished the regular season strong, winning 5 of their last 6.  While The Larry's stumbled in the opposite direction...losing 5 of their last 6.  Gonna go with the hot hand here...

Prediction: Team Ferda win series 2-0

#4 Ukraine Athletic vs #5 Liberty Tax Lions

Season Series:

Ukraine Athletic 5-2

Ukraine Athletic 7-4

Liberty Tax Lions 5-3

Having won 2 of 3, and 5 more games throughout the entire regular season...the Ukraine Athletic are the favored team in this matchup.  

Prediction: Ukraine Athletic win series 2-0

SEMI-FINALS: Snipers vs Ukraine Athletic

SEMI-FINALS: Silver Kings vs Team Ferda

Prediction: Snipers win series 2-1

Prediction: Silver Kings win series 2-1

FINALS: Snipers vs Silver Kings

Prediction: Snipers win series 2-1

Division 8 - RINK RATS

#3 Rink Rats vs #6 Cobra Kai

Season Series:

Cobra Kai 4-3

Rink Rats 9-0

The Rink Rats had an outstanding season this won't end here.

Prediction: Rink Rats win series 2-0

#4 Black Ice vs #5 Predators

Season Series:

Black Ice 3-2

Black Ice 5-3

Predators 5-2

This series should be much tighter than the first one.  The Predators will ride the momentum of their last meeting and take this one.

Prediction:  Predators win series 2-0

SEMI-FINALS: YDP vs Predators


Prediction: YDP win series 2-0

Prediction: Rink Rats win series 2-1

FINALS: YDP vs Rink Rats

Prediction: Rink Rats win series 2-1


Division 10 - RAMPAGE

#3 Prestige Worldwide vs #6 Tigers

Season Series:

Tigers 4-3

Prestige Worldwide 9-0


The Tigers finished the season by forfeiting 3 of their last 6 games.  A scary situation to be in heading into the playoffs.  If everyone shows up, they have a good chance against Prestige...if not...

Prediction: Prestige Worldwide win series 2-1

#4 Wolfpac vs #5 Huskies

Season Series:

Huskies 3-1

Wolfpac 4-2

Huskies 6-3

There's bound to be a lot of bite in this dog fight.  The two teams finished the season facing off against each other, and met twice more over the course of the regular season.  

Prediction: Huskies win series 2-1

SEMI-FINALS: Rampage vs Huskies

SEMI-FINALS: Kings vs Prestige Worldwide

Prediction: Rampage win series 2-0

Prediction: Prestige Worldwide win series 2-1

FINALS: Rampage vs Prestige Worldwide

Prediction: Rampage win series 2-0

Division 11 - CANADIANS

#3 Thunder Buddies vs #6 Gremlins

Season Series:

Gremlins 3-2

Thunder Buddies 5-4

Thunder Buddies 4-2

Neither team has exactly ripped it up down the stretch, in the last 8 games the Thunder Buddies have won 4 and the Gremlins 3.  So with both teams limping into the playoffs, we're gonna go with the two-game head-to-head winning streak.

Prediction: Thunder Buddies win series 2-1

#4 Piranhas vs #5 The No Dekes

Season Series:

The No Dekes 6-3

The No Dekes 6-2

With only two wins in the their last 8 games, and having never beaten The No Dekes, the Piranhas may be in for a tough series.

Prediction: The No Dekes win series 2-0

SEMI-FINALS: Regulators vs The No Dekes

SEMI-FINALS: Canadians vs Thunder Buddies

Prediction: Regulators win series 2-1

Prediction: Canadians win series 2-0

FINALS: Regulators vs Canadians

Prediction: Canadians win series 2-1

Division 12 - EDM CUBS

#1 Edm Cubs vs #4 Snakearm

Snakearm 3-1

Snakearm 5-4 (ot)

Edm Cubs 6-3

Edm Cubs 5-2

The two teams split the season series which is surprising given the discrepancy in the standings.  The Cubs have won the last two rather decisively.

Prediction: Edm Cubs win series 2-1

#2 Bacardi Oil vs #3 Edm Reapers

Edm Reapers 5-4

Bacardi Oil 4-3

Bacardi Oil 9-5

Bacardi Oil 4-2

Bacardi Oil 3-2

These two met an incredible 5 times this season.  Bacardi Oil won 4 of those 5.

Prediction: Bacardi Oil win series 2-0

FINALS: Edm Cubs vs Bacardi Oil

Prediction: Edm Cubs win series 2-1



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